“All the very best of us string ourselves up for love”

I fell in love with this song today, and had to record it.
Feeling a little more like myself. 



But he stays all the same, waits for you, then sees you through

I’ve been doing lots of things besides writing lately. Some of which you can find here. Maybe one of these days I’ll write a post explaining why I’ve begun another blogging space from scratch, but until then I leave you to explore as I figure out what exactly I’m doing over there. And since it’s been a whole five months since I’ve made a ukulele video, here’s a new one. I have a pretty strict policy that no one should ever sing Adele covers. Adele is a queen in my book. I don’t care if her music is overplayed. I don’t care if she always wins every award. She can’t be touched, nor should she. But I broke my own rule today because I came across the chords for “Daydreamer,” from her first album 19, and fell in love with it all over again but with my uke this time. You can throw rocks if you’d like, or you could listen to me honor Adele in the only (tiny, mediocre) way I know how.




To you, and you, and you all

Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart becomes more and more relevant as months pass and I get comfy as a twenty-something.  I listen to it over and over again, stalk youtube for new live versions, and refuse to delete the video I took when I saw them in Houston. Julia and I learned this song months ago, and since then, it’s been my absolute favorite to play, but only with her. I can’t sing it alone. No words I type here could come close to expressing how wonderful it is making music with this girl. So much love.



Late Nights are for List-making

A List of Things You May or May Not Know About Me
1.  I’m over yellow, gray, and white as a color scheme. It reminds me of daisies in a thunderstorm. Just stop.
2. When I was a kiddo, I used to think a lot about what I would leave behind if I were to die at any moment. I didn’t like the thought of people going through my things (mostly seeing just how messy it was underneath my bed) and knowing all of my secrets (not that there was anything crazy to be secretive about). I would think about people knowing all sorts of things about me that I would otherwise not wish them to know, not that this is a rational fear because I would be dead and it wouldn’t matter nor would it matter if it would matter. But, this is, indeed, what I would think about and is why today I don’t have a single one of my journals I wrote as a kid.
3. My favorite compliment to receive is when someone tells me he or she likes my handwriting. I secretly really love it too and worked very, very hard when I was in the second grade to perfect my cursive and I’m glad it stuck!
4. I hate whenever I read something, see something, or listen to something and have this uncontrollable urge to share it, like it’s not enough for me just to enjoy it, I have to pass it along or it’s rendered completely meaningless. I’m only being a little melodramatic. This happens all the time with Thought Catalog articles or the clouds when I’m driving on the highway. I recognize that this isn’t actually reasonable, and I can’t always find someone who will appreciate said moment as much as I do, but often I try to think of someone who might kind of possibly, sort of, even slightly appreciate whatever it is.   But often I can’t think of someone or I feel like I’ll be bothersome sending another Take Away show to you, so I keep it to myself. Now that I’m sitting here thinking about this, I think those moments are times where I feel very lonely. I know that may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. It’s not when I had a bad day or when I watch A Walk to Remember alone on a stormy summer afternoon, but when I find something that reminds me that life is quite grand, like the colors I see when I step out my door for my bike ride to work early in the morning or when I successfully bake bread and have no one to tell me if the dough needed a little more salt or this one particular video of a Givers show in a tiny loft in New York City and the band bangs on pots and pans and the audience grooves along like it’s not big deal, no cameras, no iphones, just musiclove. I didn’t share that moment with anyone and half of my perfect loaf ended up in the trash two days later. They may seem like meaningless moments, but they’re my favorite parts of my day. I want a human being to be part of my favorite parts.
5. I don’t understand how I can sit here and write about all of the things I write about without any concern with your opinion of me, without any concern that you know many personal things about me. I don’t understand how I can write any of it but I can’t stand in front of you and tell you I love you. Writers aren’t brave, we’re cowards. We’re not honest. it’s our screens and pages that spill our secrets for us.
6.  I’m admittedly annoying about many things, but I’m particularly so about music. You should be warned. If you wish to share music with me or tell me about your favorite band or the last cd you bought, you’re more than welcome to do so. I might ignore you (if it’s country music, there’s really no point in trying). But most people who know me well know what kind of music I listen to and usually give me great music. But, you should know you run the risk of me liking your music a little too much. I’ll end up bugging you about said band for years, asking if you’ve heard their latest album, or saw that so-and-so will be in Dallas next month, and then you’ll have to deal with my annoying concert-blogging and wanting to talk about a band you stopped listening to three years ago when you gave me that first album or briefly mentioned them in passing conversation. You can just tell me you’re not really into their music anymore. I promise I’ll only be a little heartbroken.
7. Yesterday I saw the Katy Perry movie and surprisingly loved it. I also teared up a bit when it came to the part in the movie when she and Russel Brand divorce. I also went and bought her first album directly after leaving the movie theater. I also learned a ukulele cover of one of her songs. I realize I don’t have Katy Perry’s cute-factor, nor do I even come close to having her stellar chops. No shame.


My, my, my

I realize I never actually wrote a recap of the Head and the Heart show, nor did I upload a video. When I went to do so, I learned that the annoying girls behind me made my video pretty pointless if you wish to hear the actual band playing and singing (revolutionary idea, I know) instead of their banshee calls and dolphin noises. I’m not even exaggerating. So obnoxious, but the show was fabulous of course and my year of amazing live music continues this weekend with Mr. Bryce Avary himself and I’m super stoked. Summer is treating me incredibly well and I’m so grateful for the extra time I’ve had on my hands to read good books and cook good food and spend quality time with good friends and get to know my newest ukulele friend. He still doesn’t have a name. I was leaning towards Eugene for a while, but I’m not so sure he’s a Eugene. He’s pretty perfect though and today we made a video for you!



So, the inspiration for this particular video was a combination of the sassy Kate Nash herself, a little bit of Lady Gaga, Kurt from Glee, Andy Warhol, and a twenty year-old Jennifer who likes to dress up, wear bows on the top of her head, and play ukulele into the wee hours of the night. Fun times.
So enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever. I don’t need you (zig-zag snap). Happy summer, bros!