Hey, it’s Thursday; let’s talk about music.

I’m quick to admit that I am an extremely selfish music-fan. I certainly know better. I know that musicians aren’t music-pumping machines that can spit out beautiful work with minimal effort. I know that I wouldn’t trade the quality of the music for more of it. My knowledge doesn’t make me any less selfish; I always want more music. The moment an album comes out, I’m excited for the next. I get angry when musicians release deluxe editions of their CDs on iTunes with bonus songs you can only get if you buy the iTunes version, and you may remember that I’m all about the real-deal hard copy. And possibly the most selfish thing I do is get bummed when I find a band whose debut album is absolutely incredible and is the band’s only album. Local Natives finally gave us a second album, so I’m looking at you, The Head and the Heart, GIVERS, Seryn, Sucre, and, of course, the Lumineers. I don’t know how anyone is immune to the folky charm of the Lumineers.

You may be tired of hearing “Ho Hey,” and, hey, that’s completely valid. But trust me, listen to this one. It’s a Blogotheque production, which means you know it’s good, and it’s a new song, which makes me a happy gal. And when you fall in love with them, watch Act One of their Take Away Show and maybe dance along a little.


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