22 Things I Do Because It’s the First Week of January


1. Manage to get sick
2. Spend all day watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy I’ve seen at least twelve times each
3. Exaggerate
4. Spring for the good tissues. When else am I going to feel justified to pay four dollars for the Super Fancy Cool Touch Plus Vicks Extra Soft Kleenexes?
5. Listen to way too much Damien Rice. All of the emotions
6. Be extremely self-indulgent
7. Dread going back to school and work
8. Feel like a whiney college student and remember the REAL WORLD doesn’t give weeks off for winter break
9. Endlessly watch NPR tiny desk concerts
10. Do arts and crafts in my bed
11. Eat soup in my bed
12. Really, anything I normally do during my day that can be done from my bed is fair game
13. Realize this list is looking a lot more like a list of ways I’m pathetic and reconsider posting it…
14. Nah
15. Internet window shop.
16. Price-compare vaporizers
17. Re-read books I’ve already read more than once (Nice to see you again, Joan Didion)
18. Try to reorganize my desk and make my room a complete mess in the process
19. Try to sing songs sung by men which are usually out of my vocal range to see if my current croaky sick voice allows for interesting musical opportunities
20. Write important dates and birthdays of my friends and the fam blam in my calendar for the new year and be proud of the one way I manage to be organized
21. Refuse to make New Year’s resolutions
22. Attempt to manage my cough drop intake and fail miserably


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