We are (still) young

First things first, a video of the most spectacular version of an incredible song (come on, friends, we’re done hatin’ on fun. for being overplayed on the radio, right?) Really. Give it a shot, even if you hate this song now. I promise it’ll be worth it. There are violins!

Go on. Press play. You know you want to!

Pretty great, no?
You’re welcome.
It occurred to me earlier today that I get to see Nate’s precious face for the second time this year next friday, which is just about the best thing to possibly come out of finals week,  the most perfect of perfect ways to end the semester.

Let’s make a deal. I’ll sit around and write a well thought-out post before the start of the new year (plenty of time, folks) about my favorite albums released this year (there are so many, really) and you can do the same and we can trade. It’ll be a blast. What do you say?


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