Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica

She read the dictionary
cover to cover
seeking words with meaning,
to understand
what she couldn’t.

She looked for a word
for love when it fails,
for Honey,
your father and I
and for love when
she speaks of the
Northern Lights.

but not a single word
for the inside spaces
that hurt most
when she misses him.

She looked for a distinction
in written symbols,
between tear
and tear,
between ripping
and what comes after.

She looked for a word
for home
when it no longer is,
for god
when she doesn’t believe,
for good dreams,
not nightmares,
for time
as it counts forward,
for time
as it runs out,
and loneliness
when she chooses it.

And when she couldn’t
find words
for important things,
she became
a poet.


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