WordPress Search Terms: 2nd Edition

Some of you may or may not remember the first time I posted about this, but for whatever reason, I find it very funny to see the things people search that bring them to my blog. I can usually remember which of my posts may have brought them here by their search terms, but sometimes there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason. I hope you find it as amusing as I do!

1. baby dogs
2. “neue brille” or “meine bille” or “new glasses” or “my glasses”
3. reptar I love reptar I’ll hold you
4. mustache marching band
5. dear coffee without you I’m
6. ukulele poems
7. sweet evenings.com
8. how do you spell macmood (I laughed out loud, just now)
9. knapsack 68kind
10. risk takers spicy food
11. livelight unicorn
12. how much does a hipster weigh
13. eugene shanniqua denton
14. doorbeels schnitzel with noodels

Fellow WordPressers, do you pay attention to all the sections of your stats? Maybe I’m just a psycho about it, but some of you must notice the silly things people search that bring them to your writing space, right?


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