Soundtrack for the writing cave

Or if you have Spotify, here’s a link to a full playlist. It’s what I’ve been listening to non-stop all weekend.

At a journalism conference I went to over the summer, one of the journalists spoke about the mental place that writers go to write, calling it the “Pain Cave.” While it is a little painful most of the time, and quite painful at other times, I simply call it the Writing Cave, and I’m taking a step out of it and into the fresh air just for a moment before tunneling my way back in for the next 72 hours. It’s actually a pretty lovely space. My Writing cave has lots of tea and coffee, so it’s not so bad.

Do you have a Pain Cave of sorts, or a Writing Cave or a Music-Making Cave or a Cooking Cave (take me there, please)?


2 thoughts on “Soundtrack for the writing cave

  1. I believe the entrance to my Writing Cave is enchanted. It remains hidden somewhere in the shadows and impossible to locate, until the deadline for an article approaches and then suddenly, the darkness lifts and reveals all, allowing me to rush to the cave and frantically get everything done at the last possible moment.

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