Fine By Me

Some of you may remember from last semester when I skipped class for a poetry reading, with no regrets whatsoever. And tonight, balance was restored (or something) as I skipped my poetry class to catch Andy Grammer on campus. My mom really loves his music, so it was quite a treat getting to hang with my favorite mama listening to good music. He played a long set considering he has only one relatively short album out. The set was padded with really great Coldplay and fun. covers among a few others, which went over well with a college crowd that only knew his two best known singles. In between songs he talked about being a young musician and his experiences trying to make it big in LA. Pretty great stuff, friends. Check his music out! Or don’t. The choice is yours.
I hope you’re well, regardless.
I miss you guys.
We should grab coffee sometime soon and talk about life stuff.



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