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Pep Talk for the In-betweens

Let’s talk about the in-betweens for a moment. About the not yet, not quite, might be, may be, could be, would be, and should be. Let’s talk about the space in between love and not love, and forever and never was at all. Let’s talk about what you might be one day. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I know you’re not there yet. Maybe you’ll be an artist, an explorer, a lover, or something more than this human-in-training, this intern in life. Unfortunately I can’t tell you when you’ll make it, and I certainly can’t guarantee you ever will, but I guess you’ll have to trust that you’ll know if for sure once you get there, you’ll feel it. Or maybe things will change enough that it’ll be clear. Maybe you’ll wear a ring on your left hand and the women at your Thursday book club will talk about how they feel guilty for hating their monster children sometimes, but never in those words. Then you’ll know. Or maybe your job will pay you more than minimum wage and you’ll use that money to buy life insurance and throw pillows. Congratulations, you adult, you. But, more likely, you continue to wonder when you’ll get somewhere else. I wish I could tell you for sure. Unfortunately, you might just have to learn to take yourself seriously and hope the universe follows suit. You might have to value yourself as a human being with potential, and you just might have to demand others do the same. You might have to make your own rules and roll with the punches when they don’t work out. And chances are they won’t because life is unpredictable and messy, and that’s precisely what you love most about it. If all of this living and breathing was simply working towards an end, I think it’d be pretty grim. But it’s not; it’s a brilliant adventure, one that’s full of clichés but the world doesn’t cross them out in red ink. So don’t trade your dreams for certainty. Call it love after it fails. Make the art that you love. Never stop learning.


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