Back In the Game

Okay, I admit that it’s actually really cool that I get to spend my time reading and writing and talking about reading and talking about writing. I don’t care if being an English major seems frivolous and useless. It’s neither frivolous nor useless to learn to communicate effectively, think critically and creatively, and interact with the world around me in a way that helps me understand this living and dying thing even a little bit more (steps off soap box).
Anyway, I share with you all my first poem of the semester. I feel a little rusty, but I’m super stoked (yes, stoked) to be back in the game. The poem assignment was to write a self portrait. Life is grand, no?


Use the pink side for the easy parts,
Like dyed hair, chapped lips, and
callused fingertips.

Erase the story carefully written
in smudged graphite. Erase the scar on her
Right knee, the imaginary,

The forgettable. Use the blue side for
The stubborn bits, the ones
Tattooed in permanent myth.

Erase thy kingdom come,
And hands she swore to hold until
Deliver us from evil. Erase

Amen, and while you’re at it,
Erase certainty and chewed nails that
Promised relief, but collected in

Stained carpet fibers instead. Find the
Heart she dropped in a parking lot
Three weeks ago, and erase that too.

Erase Lilies and Truth and towers
that once stood, but were
Buried under soles and supermarkets.

Erase the word for the pieces your
Eraser left behind, of what once was,
and never was at all.

That may be her in the
Leftover traces, in the unrecognizable
Scraps you brush to the floor.



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