(throws confetti) (again)

Here’s the deal, friends. Today is, in fact, my blog’s

Three years, 848 posts, many cups of coffee, and too many late nights writing to count, and I’m so thrilled I began this little project that became a very big project and a very big part of my life. I could lie and say I write only for myself and it wouldn’t change things if no one ever cared, but that’s not the case at all. I keep coming back to this space because you do.  Thank you times a million for sticking with me through this beautiful adventure. And if you’re just joining me, welcome. Thanks for saying hi. I think I’ll stay here a while if you’d like to. Thank you for clicking and reading and watching and caring.

To read the post that started it all, click here.
And if you missed my blog’s last birthday, you should click here and read that post. It’s much funnier than this one.


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