Family Road Trip

My new lens (the one and only “nifty-fifty”) and I had a blast this past week documenting the short trip I took to Atlanta to visit the fam. It was a treat visiting with my aunts and uncles, celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday, and seeing a little bit of Atlanta. I’ve been there a handful of times before but I’ve never realized how pretty the city is. I guess I assume everyone deals with miserable weather during the summer and that nothing grows and the grass dies and no one goes outside, but of course that’s not the case at all and Texas is just really, really terrible. So it was a nice change to drive through hills and tall trees and spend a short week in a place where it gets crazy hot in the summer, but it also rains and it’s not completely miserable. I captured a few of my favorite adventures on the trip which included my uncle’s sweet pup swimming in the river, a pretty park with an art fair, an adorable food truck, my perfect new baby cousin Parker, and a beautiful view of the city.


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