Happy Campers

Two photo-heavy posts in one day. I apologize. I had a lot of catching up to do!
Early last week I was reminded that the Perseid meteor shower occurs this time of year. Six years ago I caught the Perseids when I was in Florida with the fam blam. My friend Hannah was there with me, and by sheer luck we were on the beach for the peak of the shower. It was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. In hopes of catching it this year, we decided to get out of town and go camping for the night, my first camping experience, actually. Sunday morning when I checked the weather, they were calling for thunderstorms, which, if you know anything about Texas in August, is kind of a joke. The chances of it actually raining were pretty slim, so we kept our plans. And of course, because the weather has a sense of humor, we had crazy storms all evening. It wasn’t light rain or anything. It was the real deal crazy wind, lightning, thunder, the whole shebang. So we cancelled our plans, went to dinner, rented a movie, grabbed coffee and I conceded that camping and I were never going to be friends. But as we sat outside on the square and watched the clouds clear as the sun started to disappear, we decided to go for it after all, despite the weather forecast that called for thunderstorms all night and everyone’s negativity (which I guess was really concern for our safety) about our decision. That’s right, I finally had my very first camping experience. Victoria, Julia, and I packed up the car and made it to the lake just in time to snag a campsite for the night. The thunder and lighting over the lake continued as we spent an hour pitching the tent in the dark. But eventually the clouds cleared and we had a perfect night playing ukulele, eating marshmallows, and watching the meteor shower. My inability to sleep even a little amidst all the little critter noises prompted an early sunrise photo adventure which is what you see here. Pretty great. I hope those of you still livin’ the sweet summertime lifestyle that comes between semesters as I am are enjoying the little bit we have left. Can’t say I’m ready for it to end (but I can’t wait for fall weather!).


6 thoughts on “Happy Campers

  1. That is some damn good tent-set-up…also, that first picture through the tree branch is possibly the most amazing thing ever.

    Also, it’s storming again…who does Texas think it is? Geez…

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