Reflection, Relevant

A Request

Let’s stop living out of obligation, constantly in motion because we have to, we can’t stop. Let’s stop staying friends just because that’s how it’s always been, believing in religions because they’re all we’ve ever known. Let’s stop being content to treat everything and everyone as a means to something else; get the grades to get the fellowships to get the diploma, and then another, and then another to wake up every day and eat a low-fat yogurt on the car ride to get to work we hate but seemingly need in order to get somewhere else, something seemingly better. Fetch the no-foam, double shot, venti mocha lattes, file the paperwork, and throw away dreams, big important ones, to climb the corporate ladder to work a job we’ll dread waking up to. Let’s protest the system. Let’s aim for a new balance, one of immense gratitude shown by constantly reaching, a life of contentment with what we have and challenging where we are how we got here and why we’re here, challenging what it means to be wasteful of life. There are no recycle bins at the end of the day, only worn clocks with hands that slow down every moment of every day until, eventually, they stop ticking, until they’re piled high in landfills under the dirt.
Let’s stop living out of obligation.


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