Today I’m thankful for a weekend of loveliness. A Saturday of famers markets and Estate Sales and Julia’s yummy baking ended with some beautiful music. Sucré, the newest project collaboration of Stacy King (from Eisley), Darren King (the drummer in Mutemath), and Jeremy Larson (of numerous fabulous music ventures) played a wonderful little set at the Anthropologie in Fort Worth last night. I thought it would be a strange place to listen to music (Anthropologie is drastically far from a dirty bar afterall), but the vibe was pretty perfect for their music. And Anthropologie is basically the cutest, dreamiest store in existence, so it worked! Everything about the evening was lovely, lovely. I had the privilege of meeting one of the ladies who writes for one of my all-time favorite design/fashion/photography blogs a Beautiful Mess. Elsie’s husband Jeremy is in Sucré and she was selling merch before the show. I felt like a super blog nerd recognizing her and meeting her, but she was super, super sweet. Happy times. On stage with Stacy, Jeremy, and Stacy’s brother, who filled in on drums for Darren, was a small horn section that rocked many of the string parts of Sucré’s recorded stuff. They were fantastic and added a wonderful element that isn’t on the album. The show was beautiful and amidst the crowd of trendy people (so many trendy people) were some (all?) of the band members of Eisley. And because my life is grand, Sherri DuPree-Bemis ended up right next to me during the set and she quietly sang beautiful harmonies to Stacy’s amazing voice. Needless to say, it was beautiful (sorry for the lack of varying adjectives in this post) and you should check Sucré out if you appreciate talented musicians and lovely music. Today, I’m ending my weekend by watching the Italy/England Euro Quarterfinal game with my favorite pup Stella.
No complaints here.




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