In Case You Were Wondering

This is, in fact, my 805th blog post!
I’m not even kidding. I meant to note my 800th post, but of course I missed it, so instead I’m recognizing the 805th. Pretty crazy to think how much writing I’ve done here, but what’s even crazier is to think about the fact that some of you have been email subscribed for nearly all 805 posts over the past two (almost three!) years. That is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous and I apologize for all of the moments where I’ve wasted your time here (i.e. my last post), but I’m thankful beyond words. There’s nothing more rewarding for a young writer than having people to make her writing feel worthwhile and significant, which is what you do for me each time you click. You give me much more than you realize by taking the time to be here in my sacred writing space, and all I have is immense gratitude and the most sincere virtual hug for you, you, and you all!


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