A short post before sleep

Tonight we sat around my parents’ dining room table and celebrated Father’s Day with a perfect meal which of course included nine varieties of my dad’s tomatoes and me singing and playing ukulele for my wonderful family. I forget that I didn’t start playing until after I moved out of their house, so they haven’t heard me play other than what my mom peeks at when she reads my blog and sees my videos. It was cool to get to share with them this part of my life that is still relatively new to me that I’ve come to love so much more than I thought I would a year and a few months ago when I bought my first ukulele on a whim. I’d like to keep making music for a long time if you’ll have me. I think that’s all I want to say tonight. If you’re still up and reading this, goodnight. And to the rest of you, good morning, good afternoon, good day, and good life.


2 thoughts on “A short post before sleep

  1. Dianne says:

    I’ve been peeking too, and I love your voice, and your playing! I truly believe it was no accident! Love you!

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