Be reckless. Be Bright.

The Rocket Summer’s newest album Life Will Write the Words is even more incredible than I expected. Bryce never disappoints. I left my apartment only once today to buy an actual copy of the album (it was my day off. I promise I’m not usually this lazy). I listened to the album in its entirety and read the lyrics booklet front to back while laying on my living room floor all afternoon. His lyrics this time around are very narrative, which is pretty cool. In the live chat Q&A he did yesterday, he explained a few of the stories behind the lyrics which included one about confronting a gang to defend his wife. Great stuff. As always, Bryce recorded every instrument on the album which included drums, vocals, guitars, bass, piano, organ, synths, banjo, mandolin, trash cans, type writers, and a few others, you know, because he’s crazy talented and all. He also wrote and produced the album AND released it on his own independent record label. Ridiculous. I realize I’ve geeked enough about Bryce Avary on my blog, but it’s not going to stop me from doing so again. He’s really incredible. I gave in and bought a ticket to his Dallas show next week despite the fact that I haven’t found a human being with good taste in music (who isn’t hundreds of miles away) to come with me yet. You should make that happen, friends. There’s nothing like a Rocket Summer show to make your life exceedingly better. Anyways, you should check it out. Powerful music at its very, very best.


“Life will write the words, but you choose your own melody. This life has given me hurt, by I choose my own melody. And sometimes it’s that sad, sad song I’m singing all day long. I’m just trying to find the right notes. You can build a bridge in a song but you’ll burn down the ones in your life. Life will write the words, but you choose your own melody.”


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