And We Will Put the Lonesome On the Shelf

Alright peeps, here we are again. Just the first five months of 2012 has been the most incredible year of live music gloriousness in my (very short) twenty years of living. Really though. I need to revamp the list I made back in February or March listing all the musical happenings I would be attending, because the list has grown to include many more of my all-time favorites than I originally anticipated. Incredible. And can we please talk about how gorgeous Ingrid Michaelson is? Really though. And would it be acceptable for me to put ribbons on my ukulele? I’m fully prepared to give Ingrid the credit. Last night’s show was a fantastic whirlwind of live music perfection. When Ingrid announced they would be playing their last song, I turned to Victoria who was equally baffled that her set was already over. It was madness how quickly it went by. Luckily she played three songs in her encore which, in fact, included Maybe, You and I, AND the Chain. She closed the show with the Chain. Insanity. Needless to say, I was a near-weepy mess by the end. The show was incredible, despite the South Side Music Hall being just about the crappiest venue in Dallas (no lie, I think it’s best suited for a roller skating rink hosting country night, but unfortunately was not ideal for a concert). But Ingrid and her band were flawless and the crowd was filled with beautiful voices that sang along, so I really can’t complain. And now I’m even more excited for summer and ukulele lovin’ with all of you fabulous folks.


4 thoughts on “And We Will Put the Lonesome On the Shelf

  1. Those are some damn good pictures. ALSO I’M CRYING. Also somebody had better have taken at least on video OR I WILL NEVER SPEAK TO ANYONE AGAIN.

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      I’m really, really happy with the pictures I got. I almost didn’t haul my big camera (it’s always a bit of a risk because some shows/venues won’t allow big boy cameras), but I’m so glad I did and that I didn’t have any trouble because they turned out so well. Ingrid’s my computer background (super fan-girl status).

      • Yeah gurl, get it. Also, thanks for posting the video! Even though I still don’t know San Francisco haha I will soon after listening to your recording over and over. 🙂

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