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Hey Mr. Love Mr. Big Love Big Love

It appears I’ve made a habit of blogging only when I have stellar music happenings to share with you all. I’m okay with that, I suppose. Round two of seeing Katie Herzig, this time in Fort Worth, was well worth the repeat. When we saw her in Dallas, it was only the second show they had played and the band was still finding their on-the-road groove. It was a great show, but everything about this one trumped the last. The Dallas show had (in my opinion) some pretty annoying openers. I don’t even remember who they were, but this show had the always fantastic Andrew Belle open, who was exceptional. Last night’s set was so much better than when I saw him at the House of Blues opening for Ben Rector. Really, really stellar. The Dallas show was at Club Dada, and at times, Katie’s show is pretty quiet, but dudes at the bar never seem to notice their voices carrying over the sound of the musician, nor do they see the death glares sent back their way. You guys know what I’m talking about, right? This happens every time I see a show at a bar. Last night’s show was at McDavid Studio in Fort Worth, and first of all, who knew Fort Worth was pretty? Really though. There certainly are pretty parts and ugly parts of most big cities, but the part of Fort Worth we saw last night was just lovely. I had no idea. I might have to give Fort Worth more of a chance. The venue itself was perfection. As much as I love standing amidst a crowd and doing the little listening to good music dance thang, I was happy to sit at small round tables with a perfect view only a few feet from the stage. We chatted with a very nice couple who we shared a table with. It was a beautiful room with no annoying bar loud-talkers. Super cosy. The show was incredible, of course. Andrew Belle is charming and super talented. Katie Herzig and her band were perfection. I found myself mesmerized by the cellist, of course. I kept thinking of the SNL skit with Will Ferrel screaming “More cowbell!” but it was his voice saying “More cello, I need more cello!” in my head when the guitar would drown her own. All around great night. All I have to show for it are a few blurry iphone photos and a video (I forgot to take the video horizontally, so it’s tiny, but you can hear it well and that’s what counts, right?).



Double ukulele action! So much greatness.



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