Relevant, Rhyme

“You’re not dead. Let’s have dinner.”

A few things that stopped me in my tracks today:

1. Strange request on a post-it.

2. Dumpster message.

3. Scary clowns clouds.  

So, yes. I hope you all enjoy my crappy cellphone picture-taking/documenting my mundane life. If I don’t put them here, they get buried amidst hundreds of pictures on my iPhone that I end up deleting to make place for music I don’t listen to. Oh, and I had a poem due today and it was my worst one yet! Yay! So much fun. It had some moments that I’m not completely horrified by that I’ll post. The basic gist of the assignment was to write an imitation poem of Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” and I had, what I think, was a stellar idea that I started, but because of the requirements of the assignment I had to start over with something much less stellar. Maybe I’ll write that other poem just for kicks. Anyways, here are a few of the least awful moments. (Wow, I’m really building this poem up…)

Roses say “I love you,”
Carnations say “I’m sorry,”
Flower petals only speak
For cowards.

The big hand perfects its pirouettes.
Artificial flower petals attached to artificial stems
Rest in lines above the dirt.

In loving memory of.
The first petal falls away.

Colors move with the rhythm of warm winds.
Flower petals kiss the sun,
And the earth becomes a kaleidoscope.

So there’s that. Into the english-paper-writing cave I go for the next thirty-two hours. See you on the other side (hopefully).

Oh, and if you haven’t spent a significant time seriously deliberating how you’re going to get your hands on an actual hard copy of it tomorrow even though you’re at work and in class from 7:30 in the morning to 9:30 tomorrow night, the new Fun. album Some Nights comes out tomorrow. I can’t wait.

*Post update*
So, I’m exiting the paper-writing cave to let you know that it occurred to me that I will, in fact, have a moment in the middle of my day to pick up a copy of Some Nights because I have an exam that shouldn’t take me a full hour and a half. I’ve never been so pleased to have a test in my whole life. That’s all. I felt that it was valuable information you needed to know. I know you all were reading this post, biting your nails with extreme worry that I wouldn’t be able to buy the CD. Rest easy, friends.


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