Pretty Please?

Oh, please say one of you stellar peeps wants to go see them at the House of Blues March 21st. I’ve accepted that my dream of The Format reuniting so that I can see them live is a highly unlikely possibility. But, I mean, this would suffice. Seriously though. Any takers? Sure to be a pretty Fun. show!


5 thoughts on “Pretty Please?

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      Twenty five bucks for the time of your life? I mean, who could pass up that kind of logic? Most of you kOoL kAtZ are going to be in town, which is why I was asking. We might have to make a decision pretty pronto, homeskillet, because shows are starting to be sold out. Their single is number one on iTunes at this very moment, actually. Superbowl commercial notoriety FTW

  1. stphn plc says:

    Although that is my spring break, I am on call the 21st-25th. of course. So yeah, I will probably be in Denton before that but I can’t make it to that show

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