A Hand-written 2012

So, friends, I realize it’s January eleventh now and that most people get started on their New Years Resolutions at the start of the new year after at least a few days of reflecting on the things in their lives that need improving. And I’m not usually a participant of this ritual because it’s just not my thing. But, this week I came up with a resolution I might actually stick to. I decided that this year I would attempt to single-handedly revive the lost art of handwritten letter writing. I’m not really sure why this seems like something worth my time and energy, but it is and I’m going to make it happen. I bought a whole booklet of stamps and everything! And I know, I know, I’m already a week behind. I didn’t think of it until a couple of days ago though. Totally okay with it. Maybe I’ll write two this week to catch up. We’ll see. Anyways, what this means for you people is that I need your addresses. Really though. I’m going to have no one to write my letters to if you don’t give me your damn mailing addresses. If I’m as blogging-savvy as I think I am, you should be able to fill out the following form with your mailing address if you wish to receive a letter from me sometime this year and only I will be able to see it!

Anyways, it’s sure to be a blast. Well, nothing is certain of course, but I’ve had fun assembling a few of them already! I wrote my first letter to Victoria because she texted me her address when I pitched my project idea to a few friends at dinner last night. Winner winner. Here’s a sneak peak at what could be in your mailbox sometime this year! Well, I mean, it won’t say Victoria Borealis because that’s not your nickname…but maybe I’ll think of something equally as creative for you.


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