And I can’t stop thinking of how wonderful this is.

Man, I don’t even know what I want to say. Today was the best. The very, very best. We were handed the perfect weather creating the most beautiful day. It prompted perfectly sunny bike rides taking the long way home and stellar lunches and wonderful car rides and ukulele time with the windows open of my cosy apartment for all the world to hear. But none of those things could trump the Rocket Summer show I attended tonight. I’ve seen Bryce around eight or nine times now. To call myself a stupid fan-girl would be pretty accurate. I have no shame about it. His shows are so incredible, I don’t have any words to write anything substantial about it. There is nothing in this world quite like seeing a Rocket Summer concert. I don’t care if you don’t like his music, his shows are so amazing and tonight certainly was no exception. I say this after every show of his I see, but I’m going to say with more certainty than usual that that was the best Rocket Summer show I’ve seen AND quite possibly the best live music performance I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. I know, it’s just the post-concert high. It’s not. Tonight, he sold out a very small venue in Dallas and it was packed full of Rocket Summer super-fans. Playing his first two albums in their entirety, it was not only the longest show I’ve been to but so insanely perfect hearing all of my old favorites and most of my all-time favorites. It’s the coming together of so many things in the most perfect way. It’s the songs with their melodies and the honest lyrics and my own history growing up with them and the crowd of people who know every word and the clapping and the magical energy that can only be understood when you’re there. You can take videos and pictures (or try and write about it…)to try and capture that feeling, and they’ll sufficiently provide a piece of the moment, but you can’t recreate the feeling of being surrounded by sound and energy that way. A video can’t recreate the pulsing of the bass you feel in your stomach or the way even the floor seemed to be dancing along. You can’t recreate that perfect feeling when a crowd of people moves as if the synchronization was rehearsed or the way confetti scatters in the air. And when you jump along with the crowd and the perfect music, the air carries you and it’s completely effortless.


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