New friend

I am happy to announce that today I acquired a new ukulele friend and my apartment is officially a multi-uke household. We’re still getting to know each other but I think Lord Tennyson and I are going to be dear friends. I know, I know, who names a ukulele Lord Tennyson? Well, it seems perfectly reasonable as he is, in fact, a tenor uke. Honestly, I know very little about Lord Tennyson, the person, not the ukulele. What I do know is that it is absolutely impossible to read his Wikipedia entry without hearing the voice of a man with a British accent in your head. Anyways, lots of ukulele fun to be had.

Oh, and if Lord Tennyson (the ukulele) and I were to send a Christmas card, this would be our Christmas card photo.


3 thoughts on “New friend

  1. Julia Moen says:

    Please. Please. Please. PLEASE send out Christmas cards. PLEASE. It was fun to spend a little quality time with Lord (not to be confused with God or the Dark Lord) and I look forward to seeing the big guy again soon.

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