Epic list-making

I’m taking a break from (not) writing my english paper to make a list of all the things I look forward to doing when I no longer have tests to study for and english papers to write. I realize this is the most unproductive way to make that moment come sooner.

A List Of The Things I Look Forward to Doing for the Thirty-One Days of Winter Break That Keep Me From Gouging My Eyes Out Over This God-Forsaken English Paper

1. Covering paper cranes with glitter to put on my Christmas tree
2. Ukulele Christmas Party (Yeehaw)
3. Watercoloring
4. Sleeping
5. Knitting at Art Six
6. Putting a dent in Infinite Jest
7. Sewing throw pillows
8. Having time to cook
9. Late nights without early mornings
10. Catching up with far-away friends
11. Not losing sleep over Montaigne
12. Listening to Feist’s newest album (I’ve decided that’s going to be my present to myself when this paper is done!)
13. Hot tea, hot tea, and hot tea
14. Sitting in coffee shops scribbling poetry in little notebooks like it’s my thang
15. Having you less than 100 miles away from me
16. Cloudy mornings
17. Baking little treats for you all!
18. Not having daily obligations
19. Finishing a blog post I started last week about my favorite word
20. Chilly night bike rides
21. Afternoons at the library by choice
22. Watching Netflix documentaries
23. Being a lazy bum and not feelin’ bad about it, yo
24. Reading Thought Catalog articles and crafty blogs all day (oh wait, I do that now)
25. Taking wintry pictures (I’m dying to spend some quality time with my camera. Who wants to let me photograph them? I promise it’ll be completely painless)
26. Dancin’ and laughin’ and singin’ and lovin’
27. Learning the fancy thangs on my shiny new sewing machine
28. Ukulele time with Julia
29. Hangin’ with mum and pops and sisterdear
30. Learning to crochet
31. Making memorable playlists to accompany memorable moments


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