Let’s rewrite the dictionary

Why is there no word for that moment when you glance upward to find someone looking at you and then they look away and then look back at you to find you’re looking at them? It’s a common scenario that’s such a task to explain. If there was a word for that exchange, I imagine it’d be a sweet one. And how is it that we don’t have a word for that nervousness that sits in your stomach that keeps you from breathing? And about that breathing thing, how come there’s no word for when you forget how? I mean, I know that’s a basic necessity for being alive, but sometimes it takes so much work, breathing and being alive? And why isn’t there a word for those moments that you don’t wish to be alive. You say that and everyone automatically thinks you’re suicidal when that’s not it at all. They don’t understand at all. And why is there no word for the good dreams, only nightmares? And why is it that when I write the word tear, it could mean two very different things? And what does it say about you that you automatically read it as one instead of the other? And how do we have books and books full of useless words but not one for how everything and nothing at all manages to change in a shared instant?
Let’s rewrite the dictionary, you and I. Our dictionary would be exponentially better than that Webster’s shit. Our dictionary would be filled with the important words, the ones that are familiar only because you allowed yourself to be human long enough to really understand them.


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