Three in the morning

Sometimes, I absolutely adore three in the morning. It’s the way it hits you that it’s actually very late and that normal people have been sleeping for four or five hours already. I love three in the morning because the combination of your sleepy eyes and tired mind make it so you are unable to think clearly just enough to make you most honest. Sometimes, I desperately need three in the morning. And this time you’re awake, not because you’re just strolling back from a sweet party and the cheap liquor buzz is just wearing off or because you’ve been watching Netflix all night trying to avoid thinking about how lonely you actually are, but because a friend needed you to tonight. She called you and you dashed out your door with wet hair and no shoes. And you drove with windows down and listened instead of offering unwarranted advice, and you watched The Office because laughs make sleeping easier. And three in the morning comes and your friend sweetly sleeps in your bed and you realize you love three in the morning when it means you’re necessary.


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