Yes, you are correct. Your eyes do not deceive you. After months of mourning the loss of my sweet darling red bicycle friend after he was so rudely taken from me (my disbelief that someone would actually steal a bicycle with a basket still remains), I have finally acquired a new bicycle. I woke up at six this morning to take this little beauty out for my first morning ride today before the sun was up and he didn’t disappoint. He’s a vintage¬†Peugeot mixte (and I actually know what that means now after months of bike research!), he’s light and fast and well made (the dad seal of approval) and pretty stylish, I’d say. Lots of wonderful times to be had!




6 thoughts on “Introducing…

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      Well, technically I posted the first one around two in the morning of my yesterday. So, two posts in one Jennifer day. Three posts in one 24 hour day. Wee.

  1. DAYUM GURL. I like yo bike. And yo apartment. And yo face. And yo BLOG POSTING! Keep it up. Please? I miss you and this way I know what’s happening in your life. Yay!

  2. Jennifer Lioy says:

    I’ll do my best, loyal blog followers. Also, does my hair always look that long (and fantastic…just kidding…not really)?

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