Thankful Thursday: The Summer Edition

Earlier this week I realized the very unfortunate truth that I abandoned Thankful Thursdays when I ended my year of daily blogging. I would like to officially reinstate Thankful Thursdays starting with this epic list.

I am thankful for…
1. sweet smiles from strangers while I’m at work
2. having time to read books that I want to read
3. my visit with my favorite pup Stella yesterday
4. feeling content with silence
5. hammocks
6. the promise of fall and beautiful weather
7. crafty blogs
8. ukulele time every night before I go to sleep
9. not getting to sleep at a reasonable time because of my ukulele
10. slumber parties
11. reconnecting with caring friends
12. reminiscing
13. finding things I wrote years and years ago
14. creative outlets
15. progress
16. great live music with great friends
17. new music tuesdays
18. late nights
19. silent smiles across tables
20. hilarious pictures of hilarious faces with hilarious people
21. late-night Laguna Beach with Julia (eee eee eee!)
22. learning to laugh at myself
23. opportune moments
24. great writers
25. making lists
26. Thought Catalog
27. successful sewing projects
28. the sick beats in Mat Kearney’s newest album
29. cherry snow cones
30. bad 90’s pop music
31. having the opportunity to hear great writers speak about writing
32. 2 a.m. when it’s almost comfortable outside
33. being able to see beautiful stars
34. that feeling of seeing someone after having not seen them in a while
35. “I love you” reminders
36. sincere apologies and equally sincere forgiveness
37. nights driving home from the lake
38. perfect cafe con leche in Valencia (oh, how I miss you)
39. learning about myself
40. the promise new starts bring
41. paper cranes
42. successfully cooking a real homemade Italian meal on my own
43. drawings that I’m actually proud of
44. consistently powerful song lyrics
45. waking up and remembering dreams
46. coral cardigans
47. “El Principito”
48. laughing that makes everything better
49. singing loudly in the car
50. that awkward moment when you’re singing in the car with the windows down and you’re stopped at a red light and you notice that the person next to you has their windows down
51. making conversation like an adult
52. friends that make fun of my gray hair
53. the fact that Grey’s Anatomy makes me reconsider how the word “gray” is spelled every time I write it. Upon further review, the word, used as a color, can be spelled either way and is usually spelled g-r-e-y in the UK.
54. fun facts
55. friends who air-drum at concerts
56. songs with clapping
57. meaningful conversations with new and old friends
58. “sweet baby, sweet baby, sweet baby…”
59. cooking like a pro
60. the fact that you make my life better
61. somewhat-successfully keeping up with my blog
62. unexpectedly seeing you around town
63. failing at cryptically using pronouns instead of names in my blog
64. recognizing when I’m not being myself
65. the promise of seeing you all when you come home
66. new notebooks
67. philosophy classes
68. patchwork quilts
69. beautiful Spanish architecture
70. Apartment Therapy
71. cuddles
72. keeping up with old traditions for the sake of normalcy
73. dandelions
74. Etsy
75. fabric stores
76. feeling like a granny at 19
77. dreamin’ of San Fran
78. sushi
79. photographs of beautiful España
80. creating new sanctuaries
81. that feeling when your hard work is worth it
82. finding a way to feel like your hard work is worth it even when it seems it isn’t
83. striving to be optimistic without being foolish or unrealistic
84. exciting ideas
85. creative inspiration
86. sharing great music
87. early mornings at Shady Lakes
88. relaxation
89. significant self-discoveries
90. cheesiness
91. allowing myself to be annoying girl every once in a while
92. anticipating all of your sarcastic comments to this list
93. perfect lighting
94. bicycles that look like works of art
95. gushy romantic comedies
96. the thought of being twenty years old in only a few months
97. but continuing to relish in the fact that I’m a teenager for a few months still (whoop!)
98. used-books store
99. loud laughers
100. contradiction
101. the weepy sentimentality I feel when my parents text me about what they’re doing in New York and it reminds me of my sweet Nana and Papa.
102. great typography
103. fantastic bread (but really)
104. Ben & Jerry’s
105. my girl Martha Stewart
106. lovely flowers
107. straight rulers
108. basil
109. acrylic paint
110. kalamata olives
111. awkward Voldemort hugs
112. pretty feathers
113. sweet snuggles with Nina
114. colorful cardstock
115. craft supplies
116. So You Think You Can Dance
117. floral dresses
118. sweet tea in the summertime
119. rainboots
120. tissues
121. tissue paper poofs
122. rosemary
123. pretty bows
124. nice camera lenses
125. knowing friends are safe and sound
126. french baguette
127. loud biodegradable Sun Chip bags
128. spastic crasians
129. reupholstering projects
130. TOMS
131. Denton, TX
132. curly hair
133. finally learning this song:


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: The Summer Edition

  1. Julia Moen says:

    I must say that I laughed aloud a few times. Also, number 92 makes me feel like I cant make sarcastic comments. Actually, the truth is that I had too many to remember. Eee eee ee!!!! NEW CAR SMELL!!!! I love you a ridiculous amount.

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