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Guest blog colon The Bobby Chronicles

Bonjour bonjour,

This is Jennifer’s friend Bobby guest blogging on her very own wordpress. I have already warned her about the grave mistake she’s made in allowing me to do this, but here I am blogging on her blog. You’ll have to pardon me if I seem to jump subjects a lot, as I’m what you’d call (or rather what I call myself) a stream-of-consciousness blogger.
Tonight is our last night in Spain, and we’ve just eaten dinner at the Café & Té just up the street from La Puerte del Sol, which was teeming with protestors the last time we were here. It’s a lot more vacant than it was last time.
I have mixed feelings regarding our departure, as I’ve massively enjoyed my time here in Spain, but at the same time, I know that my purpose here has been served, and it’s a much gentler guilt trip doing nothing at home than it is doing nothing in a foreign country, as when you’re at home, you’re more at peace with your slothiness, because you’re in the mode of “been there done that”. Here in Europe, if you’re doing nothing, then you feel bad because there is so much to be done around you and you’re missing out on it and you never know when the next time you’ll be there is.
I suppose the main reason I’m looking forward to getting home tomorrow is to finally put this elongated journey of return to bed. Otherwise, I’d be perfectly content to stay here in Spain. However, if I was staying, it wouldn’t be the same without the people that I came here with who made the experience what it was. It’s difficult to accept that you have mixed feelings over something, but I know that the return is imminent, and it’s far more trouble than it’s worth to try and go against the grain there.
My most noticeable souvenir from Valencia is probably my sunburn. I guess I’ve got to come home with something, and what’s better than a Mediterranean darque? I’m dreading my return to the states because I’ve got to return to work as a camp counselor out in the hot sun, so my sunburn probably won’t heal properly for a while. Oh well, I suppose. I’ve not got much else worth saying on here tonight, but I’m sure I’ll have something more absurd the next time Jennifer allows me to guest blog.

Hasta luego,


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