Good News

So, not to worry, I’m alive.

I was perfectly fine biking yesterday. I didn’t get lost at all either (which is saying a lot because it’s SUPER easy to get lost here)! I did have to walk across a couple of scary intersections because there were too many people and it made me nervous. Haha. I’ll be a pro in no time. Unfortunately (and fortunately, I guess) the guys I was with last night wouldn’t let me bike home by myself really late because they were worried something would happen to me and they rode a taxi back with me.

I’m going to try and get to the beach via bici today, which is pretty far but should be easy because there’s a bike path the whole way. The bike lanes here are the best because they’re not even in the street with the cars, they’re separate from both the road and the pedestrian sidewalk, and probably have enough room for three people to bike side-by-side. Maybe that’s how it is in most cities where they actually encourage bicycling, but I think it’s cool! Super easy. The cross walks even have a separate place for bicycles to cross and the lights show a little man and a bicycle when you get the okay to cross. And this is the flattest city EVER. So great.

Man, I really wish you guys were here with me!


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