Oh, Valencia!

This post is most effective if you listen to this song as you read:

Okay, so the song isn’t exactly about the town Valencia, but at least it says “Valencia” a lot. And if it’s not already painfully obvious, I’m in Valencia! Our week in Madrid was exciting and interesting and full of fun and getting acquainted, but I didn’t realize how different it would be moving in with real families. It completely changes the experience because you get a sense of what living amongst the culture and the customs is like, rather than just visiting a place and returning to a hotel or hostel which is pretty much the same wherever you go. I can’t lie and say that it’s been an easy task adjusting and learning, but it gets easier each day and I’m doing my very best to observe and absorb and experience and fully live every aspect of the culture, lifestyle, history, and spirit of this beautiful place. I was planning on writing about what I’ve observed in my short time here, but I want to give it a bit more time to soak in before I try to make any sense of everything. What I do have for you all is a photograph I took earlier this afternoon. I discovered a tiny book store in Madrid two blocks from where we were staying last week and found me this little gem. I spent my afternoon in the sun and the cool breeze enjoying learning spanish from my favorite librito chiquito.

El Principito y el mar Mediterráneo, eso es todo lo que necesito.


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