Thankful Thursday: [Blog] like the wind, Bullseye.

I was complaining to Hannah about not wanting to blog when she provided the inspiration for the title of this post. I’m really not wanting to post tonight. I know I say that often, but this evening especially.
But as I lay in my bed, I’m thankful for friendship. I’m thankful for the anxiety I feel about next week. I’m thankful for the smile on my face as I think of you. I’m thankful for the beautiful summer night with its soft wind and bright moon. I’m thankful for my healing fingers. I’m thankful for the overwhelming nostalgia I haven’t been able to ignore this week. And I’m thankful that I’m within my final ten days of blogging daily for a year. If it wasn’t four in the morning, this might make me a bit happier. Right now I just want to sleep, so I’m going to. I’m trying to plan good posts for the rest of my blogging year, I promise!

Throwback. I remember the exact time in my life when I listed to this Death Cab album. My sister had just gotten her driver’s license. Windows down, first taste of freedom and independence. Seemingly distant days.


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