Gears and Cogs

One of my favorite things about having a WordPress blog is the vast amount of information it gives me about how someone got to my blog. I can tell what link you clicked to get here, what you searched in google to get here, and for those of you who are subscribed and get my posts in your email, it tells me what email host you used to read my post. I sort of know when certain people have read my blog in a given day. It doesn’t serve much purpose for me though. It’s bizarre. It’s not usually that exciting and I imagine all the other blog hosts probably have similar features, but I like to pretend I’m special (and I just love having a WordPress blog so much that I like having justification for doing so). I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal (that I’m actually the Wizard) a bit of the inner-workings of my little blog space here and show you some of the things people have searched in a search engine that gave them a link to my blog (sorry if your search engine search is on the list, I realize this is potentially awkward). Usually they’re just song lyrics in one of my posts or something. A good majority are variations of my blog title. Silly, silly variations. Also, I’ve noticed that very few people use commas in their search engine searches. I’m pretty sure I do, but I guess they’re unnecessary.

Favorite Search Engine Searches that Linked to my Blog 

1.well bust my buttons that’s a horse of a different color
2. radiates joy of life
3. cheesy italian song lyrics
4. risking to expose your fears before the crowd
5. colors radiating around people + blogs
6. absorb heat radiate joy
7. you’re the most clever most stupid most whatever
8. embraace joy optimisum
9. how to radiate joy
10. nail polish for scorpios
11.  clever reply to whatever
12. that’s what normal people do
13. things that can’t be defined
14. leave nothing behind but goodness
15. why does the little prince think he can view a sunset whenever he wishes?
16. good blog titles
17. honest man, embrace the joy!


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