I just finished watching the documentary “Exit Through the Giftshop” made by renowned street artist Banksy. I starting watching it a few months ago after hearing all of the hype surrounding it and I just got around to finishing it. I’ve been interested in street art and street artists for some time so I enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend it. And while I don’t really know how I feel about Banksy and his art, he’s definitely a revolutionary that people will look back on and speak of in similar terms as Andy Warhol. A serious art movement still very much in the making. Cool stuff. He’s quite the entertaining character.

One of my favorite pieces by Banksy,

I’m not really sure why I thought you all would be interested in knowing about this. Oh well.

“The human race is the most stupid and unfair kind of race. A lot of the runners don’t even get decent sneakers or clean drinking water.Some runners are born with a massive head start, every possible help along the way and still the referees seem to be on their side.It’s not surprising a lot of people have given up competing altogether and gone to sit in the grandstand, eat junk and shout abuse. What the human race needs is a lot more streakers.”— Banksy


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