So, I sat down to blog over an hour and a half ago, but I made the mistake of being in the vicinity of my ukulele. I couldn’t resist its cuteness and I’ve wasted the late hours of my evening learning lots of new songs instead of writing papers or blogging. The ukulele’s winning the “Jennifer’s Largest Distraction/Time-suck” award. Kudos, little ukulele. I can’t believe he doesn’t have a name yet. My violin was an obvious choice (Vinny, the violin) and my car (Sonny, the Sonata) was easy to name as well. My ukulele, not so much. I’m not one of those creepy people who refers to inanimate objects by a chosen name, but I do like to think they have names (and I just enjoy naming things). Thus, I am taking suggestions. If you can think of any clever ukulele names, I would appreciate you sharing them with me. The best I have right now is Eugene, the ukulele, which is just lame. I like the idea that the sound of the word that represents the object itself is the inspiration behind the name (Macmuhd, the Mac)(ha). Ukulele is a tough one.

This has been a useless post.


9 thoughts on “Whoop(s)

  1. stphn plc says:

    Eugene is pretty funny, I might have to give it my vote.
    umberto? uzko? ussiah?

    changed my mind, umberto ftw (although I’m not sure if its close enough to ukulele, but whatevs).

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