Rain Dancin’

So I was at Jupiter House studying for a Philosophy test earlier this evening. Around 11:30 I left and walked through the beautiful spring rain and happily drove home with the windows down because the rain had stopped. The cool breeze and wonderful smell right after it rains is glorious. The lightening was wicked cool too, so I posted a facebook status about how my dad and I did a rain dance earlier (which we actually did, by the way) and how much I love the rain. I even threw in a “You’re welcome” at the end of it.

Apparently huge storms passed through with crazy wind and huge hail that smashed people’s windows and broke fences and such.
Evidently it was a much worse storm than I had originally realized.
I washed my car today.
The facebook world hates me.

Lessons learned:
I won’t brag about my rain dancing skills anymore.
Karma is a grumpy old man who never had any fun as a kid.

Okay, so I know I’m not actually responsible for this, but I feel like I should apologize to everyone whose windows and fences are broken because of the crazy hail. One of my friend has a flooded kitchen and two said that trees have fallen on their cars…

My rain dancing skills are much more powerful than I originally realized.

On a brighter note, I get to file this post away under my “Rainy” category. Whoop whoop!


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