“Originality is a biproduct of being genuine.”

I was planning on just posting this song this evening and in my search for the lyrics to the song, I stumbled across this blog written by the songwriter himself. Not only was it wonderful to learn how the song came about, but the best part is this discussion of creativity that I’m leaving you with. He says it better than I can so I’m just going to let you read and listen and think and enjoy.

“…all of that references the feeling that probably creeps inside of every creative person’s mind at one time or another: everything has been done already. every melody has been sung… every lyric has been written… every painting has been painted. it’s daunting to realize how little our ideas can seem sometimes. but i try to remember that people aren’t creating just for originality in itself, they are creating for much more than that, for themselves, for the hope that their art could move someone else in some way too. originality is a byproduct of being genuine. so those lyrics are me wrestling those ideas out of my head. we don’t know how something we create will effect the world, if at all, but it’s worth creating because clearly, each of us were given the tools to do something, and i believe for a lot of us that something is to create.”


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