S’marvelous Sunday

My day wasn’t particularly fantastic, I just needed an interesting modifier that began with the letter “S” to place in front of Sunday and that is what I came up with. My english papers have drained any desire to write this evening out of my system.

If I still had a thankful wall, this one be one of those moments where I’d grab my stack of post-it notes and a colorful marker as I typically would do when I had a crummy day. I’m pretty sure I’ve explained all of that before so I’m not going to at this moment. I guess my blog will step in this evening.

I know it’s not Thursday. This one’s for me, I suppose.

I am thankful for…

1. Looking forward to receiving Greg Holden’s album in the mail sometime this week.
2. The stack of books from the library I snagged this week
3. The excitement I feel every time I think about sweet summertime
4. The beautiful fields of bluebonnets popping up all over town
5. The lovely wind today
6. Getting my hair cut and not throwing a fit about it (ha!)
7. Successfully parallel parking my car this evening
8. My folder of bookmarks on my web browser marker “Crafty Wonderfulness”
9. The numerous recipes I’ve already begun saving for whenever I have a kitchen to cook in a lovely friends to cook for next semester (hopefully in July, actually)
10. Late night bicycle rides

11. This picture of the fantastic brunch I made for myself today in my dorm (I went to Central Market yesterday…perfection)

Sliced avocado with fresh lime juice and sea salt, toasted rosemary bread with olive oil and sea salt, and a small wedge of brie.

12. The overwhelming wonderfulness of this song and how happy it makes me to sing the “never, ever, ever, ever, ever…” part obnoxiously loud with the windows down in my car.

This version is particularly overwhelming. You’ve been warned.



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