A Welcome Feeling

I’ve discovered another one of those songs that makes me smile uncontrollably. It’s the perfect combination of voices and melodies and lyrics. This is one of those.

I confess that I didn’t just discover this song. I just don’t care to post tonight and this gives me something. Personally, I’d rather listen to sweet Greg Holden harmonies than read anything I could possibly write here. Anyways, I bought Katie Costello’s newest album in February, actually, and learned that Greg Holden was on this track after the fact. And, I actually knew Katie Costello’s music before I went to Ingrid Michaelson’s show and saw Greg Holden. Strange coincidence. I love when musicians whose music I love are friends. Andrew Belle and Greg Laswell, they’re buddies. I know I’m a creepy fan for knowing things like that.

Oh, and cute pups to end ze post.


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