Thankful Thursday

Thursday mornings are rarely pleasant. I’m consistently up too early after not getting enough sleep the night before and I drag myself to work and do my best to not be cranky. I’m a complainer, I know. This morning welcomed me with a beautiful sunrise, the day provided much needed sunshine and warmth, and the evening ended with the most glorious sunset.

Some people are mesmerized by certain elements in the natural world; beautiful trees, sweet sounds of birds, colorful flowers, or cute little ladybugs. But for me, it’s the sky. It’s no mystery that Denton, TX isn’t the most beautiful place in the world. In comparison to most places, it’s pretty lacking. The scenery is mediocre at best. I’m not complaining though. It has its charm and for a small portion of the year when the weather is just right, it really is lovely. But the one thing we have is beautiful skies. I know that isn’t something exclusive to my little town. I don’t care.

Today, I’m thankful for the beautiful Texas sky that reminds me of how small we are.

Ze iPhone comes in handy when spontaneous sunset capturing missions commence. If only I carried my big camera with multiple lens kit with me at all times. That would be magnificent. The iPhone does a pretty great job on the fly though, eh?


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