Quite the Occasion

This is my

500th Post!

This is probably the most exciting milestone yet. 500 posts! A wonderful feeling, indeed. I realize that I haven’t been writing much lately. Well, not on my blog at least. This semester is kicking my butt, but I’m doing a ton of writing and receiving more helpful criticism than ever, which is excellent. Unfortunately, that means I’m a bit burnt out and have little motivation to write here, but I’m determined to keep posting. One of the main goals of keeping this blog is to create a place that I have to come daily where the opportunity to write always presents itself. A white rectangular box that says, “Jennifer, you have to post. So, if you have something to write, you might as well do so here since you have to post something anyways. Can’t think of anything? That’s okay. I’ll be here tomorrow, same place if you decide you’re ready to write something. I promise to keep your writing safe, protect it from judgement as best as I can, and always be available when you need me. Always. Also, I’m proud of you, Jennifer.”

I’m proud of you too, blog.
Thanks again for reading and caring. You all are wonderful human beings.



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