Thankful Thursday

(pats self on back for remembering Thankful Thursday)

So, I’m having a week that would undoubtedly fall under the crummy category, as far as weeks are categorized and such. Normally I would take this day and this post to be thankful for a list of things despite my unfortunate week, but I’m not going to. I’m tired and want to sleep and wallow and be crabby right now. Maybe i’ll make up for it tomorrow. But I owe it to myself to make something out of this right, but I’m going to make it brief. If I fall asleep before I finish this post, I’m still counting it. The above words can count as my obligatory post.

Today, I am thankful for the little bit of understanding I gain about myself each day right now. I’m thankful for the fact that human beings are immensely complicated, who constantly change and react, despite the fact that it’s in our differences that problems often arise. I’m thankful that even in my crummy, bad mood, my optimism crashes in through the artificial barriers I build around myself. It leaves me with the sentiment that the fabulous musicians of Noah and the Whale share: LIFEGOESON


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