Well, I haven’t exactly been keeping track of what day I’m on. I’ve had a few scary days where I’ve almost forgotten to post and some nervous mornings where I think about it the moment I wake up and I can’t recall if I posted the night before or not, but we’re still trekin’, and by we I mean I’m still trekin’. I missed my 250th day…and if my calculations are correct, my 275th consecutive day was…yesterday. Fail. So, today is, in fact

My 276th Consecutive Day of Posting!

And yes, it is still exciting even when I celebrate odd-numbered milestones. Whoop. If someone would like to remind me the day before and the day of my 300th day, I’d really appreciate it. That’s one I wouldn’t like to miss acknowledging.

Today was a FANTASTIC day. So much so that I wanted to brag about my wonderful day and I’m tempted to talk about it here, but I’ve exhausted my celebrating rights and now it’s time to be thankful, thankful, thankful.

Also, I crawled out of my writing cave for a short period of time on Saturday to buy Adele’s new cd. It’s a awesome as I knew it would be. So, that’s what I’m to share with you on this beautiful Monday night. Enjoy your moments.


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