Fossil of Sorts

Being the oh-so-much-older sister I am, I do have just a few words of response to you, dear. I used to think that people had big “things” in their lives. Those things that set us behind and were our big obstacles. I was wrong. There are lots, and there will be throughout our whole lives. Otherwise we’d be in heaven… literally. Right? Right.

…It’s easier to find how the person you are is going to react – not react, actually, but respond – to everything that is going on around you. Find peace.

Be exactly who you are, right this moment. Not anyone else’s Jennifer, but the person you have been since day one. And then, my darling, things will fall into place… I promise. Once you’ve seen that peace (and you know I’m talking about God’s peace) you can and will do ANYTHING you want to do. Remember WHO you are at the very core. Remember HOW beautiful and valuable you are…

And Jennifer, I love you. Always, Alien!

Lily Cantu, 2008


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