Thankful Thursday

This edition of Thankful Thursday will be brief, especially in comparison to last week. Whoop.

Today has been an extremely long day. All I can think of is the prospect of getting to bed in the next two hours and if my calculations are correct, that should be manageable. My terrible paper is finished but I’m without ink in my printer. So, fail.

Right now, at this moment, not considering how I felt three minutes ago, not thinking about how I feel 90% my day, but now, in my tired stupor, I am thankful for:

This blueberry (and the handful of fresh blueberries I’m eating)

The glorious temperature it is outside right now at 12:15 in the morning as the breeze through the window keeps me awake.

And this song.

So, as I was publishing this post, I received a WordPress Surprise! It only happens every thirty or forty posts, I think. Not often. And you had to have checked some box somewhere at some point in time, which I managed to do but have never been able to find again. It’s really exciting when you get one though. It’s always something encouraging or funny. My favorite was a video of a goal in a world cup game with the spanish speaking announcer screaming, “¡Goooooooooooooooooool! ¡Gol! ¡Gol! ¡Gol! ¡Gol! ¡Gol! ¡Goooool” So funny. This time was a video of the next contestant on The Price is Right and his celebratory dance.

So, I’m thankful for that too, maybe even more than the other stuff.


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