I would like to formally announce that I’ve switched my major.
I am now a Penguin Studies major.
It’s a new up and coming program.
You’ve probably never heard of it because they only offer it at UNT.

If you’ve ever sat around wondering what it is I do at work all day, because if I was anyone but me, I would spend my time wondering the same thing, the mystery has been revealed. I scan ID’s, make polite small talk, and occasionally do some homework. It’s the best job in the world, for a college student anyway. Once I check someone into the lab, I can click on the little green-haired person where their last name sits and a green box shows up that tells me various information about the person. I scanned myself in just to see what it lists  and that’s what came up.

PENG is actually not Penguin Studies, shocking, I know, but Pre-English.
I thought it was funny.

Everything is funny at work first thing in the morning.


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