Thankful Thursday (The eXtreme version)

1. Warm fireplaces
2. Avocados with lime juice and sea salt
3. Chubby chihuahuas
4. Pseudo-families
5. Recycled Books
6. Yogi Tea
7. Philosophy classes
8. Writing
9. Late night jammin’
10. Vintage tea sets
11. Sweet smiles
12. A genuine “How are you?”
13. Blog comments
14. Paper cranes
15. Late night craftin’
16. Singin’
17. Playin’
18. Writin’ classes
19. -ing verbs changed to -in’
20. New friends
21. Lazy snow days
22. Surprises in film prints
23.  Adobe Photoshop
24. TED Talks
35. iTunes addictions
36. Seeing VERY old friends
37. Feeling like I have old friends even though I’m only nineteen
38. Greg Holden Youtube videos
39. Tortoise Shell glasses
40. My suhweet new Northface backpack
41. Making lists
42. SoulPancake
43. Rain Wilson’s hilarious facebook statuses
44. Adopted little sisters
45. Middle school math homework
46. Bogus ethical theories
47. My stellar nonfiction creative writing class
48. Encouraging words
49. Giving compliments
50. My daily blogging commitment
51. Mi Casita breakfast tacos that fix any bad day
52. Quoting Gilmore Girls
53. Art history
54. Difficult conversations
55. Sweet roommates
56. Cute guys with bow ties
57. That number 56 rhymed
58. Buttons
59. Crafty blogs
60. Curly hair
61. Lawn gnomes
62. New music
63. Missing sunsets
64. Fantastic teachers
65. Cheesy romantic comedies
66. Realizing how little I know about astronomy
67. Sudoku in the NT Daily
68. Kind interactions early at work
69. Routines
70. Biking as the sunrises
71. Crappy coffee from the cafeteria
72. Alliteration
73. Being an english major!
74. Midday phone calls
75. Crunchy autumn leaves
76. Hand-knitted scarves
77. Jupiter House and its silly nickname JuHo
78. Denton, TX
79. Live music
80. Laughing through horror movies
81. Feeling comfortable around new friends
82. Heavy conversations that forever change friendships
83. Silliness
84. Reminiscing
85. Being able to correctly spell words I typically misspell the first time I try
86. Thankful Thursdays
87. Mix CDs
88. Old musicals
89. Felt flowers
90. Dorm rooms turned art studios
91. Boys playing pianos
92. Cheesy college activities
93. New experiences
94. Ukeleles
95. Sewing machines
96. Music stores
97. My handwriting
98. Moleskine notebooks
99. Hot Chocolate
100. Creating
101. Duck ponds
102. Fluffy clouds that make for spectacular sunsets
103. Organizing photographs
104. Children’s books illustrations
105. Crunching frozen spots
106. Hot tea
107. Art Six
108. Anticipation of when new albums drop
109. The smell of movie theater popcorn
110. Keeping in touch
111. Reading old writing
112. Hair stylin’
113. Sleepovers as almost adults
114. Classical music as lullabies
115. To-do lists
116. Not feeling forgotten
117. Honesty
118. Charcoal
119. Sketchbooks
120. Feeling wanted
121. Being held
122. Searching
123. Meaningful hugs
124. Stellar song lyrics
125. My use of the adjective “stellar” to describe everything
126. WordPress
127. That particular brand of ballpoint pens that’s ideal for sketching
128. My bedroom at home
129. Newsprint on your fingers
130. Bubble gum machines
131. The word “chuckle”
132. TOMS Shoes
133. Mr. Chopsticks
134. Picture frames
135. Amateur photography
136. Floral prints
137. Granny tendencies
138. Comfy clothes
139. Good shoes
140. Singing in the car
141. Inspiration
142. Thin french fries
143. The Cowardly Lion
144. Remaining optimistic
145. Summer trips to the lake
146. Snow cones
147. Your eyes
148. Driving
149. Valuable friendships
150. Trying to be a risk taker and failing miserably
151. Meowing
152. Glue guns
153. Christmas ornaments
154. Seeking truth
155. Caring
156. The obvious thought train of this list
157. Home design blogs
158. DIY projects!
159. Decorating with color
160. Creating in black in white
161. Baking brownies at four a.m.
162. Warm-toned green (the color)
163. West Side Story
164. Catching up
165. Such a tough enchilada, filled up with nada (the song lyric)
166. Turner Classic Movies
167. Springtime
168. Crescent moon phases
169. Colorful paper
170. My lucky number (eleven)
171. The oldtimey name Adelaide
172. Sarah Jaffe
173. S’wonderful
174. Italians!
175. Finding a place
176. Little surprises
177. Butterflies (figurative)
178. Butterflies (literal)
179. Grammar
180. Color Me Katie and her wonderfulness
181. Ambiguity
182. Memory
183. Snugglin’
184. S’marvelous
185. Boys wearing newsboy caps
186. The number five (not onions) at Jimmy Johns
187. Nicknames
188. Gene Kelley
189. Cardigans
190. Naturally rosy cheeks
191. The hope that someone will know I’m watching an American in Paris by the little hints throughout this list
192. Blogs
193. Art books
194. Being caught glancing
195. Smiling at strangers
196. Michael Scott
197. Squares (literal and figurative, but mostly literal)
198. Popup books
199. Paper
200. Thrifting
201. The cursive letter “W”
202. Being a typeface nerd
203. Documentaries
204. Art museums
205. Having varied interests
206. Quality time with quality friends
207. Wearing boy shirts
208. Being valued for all the reasons I value myself
209. Having a blog that often inspires my in-class writing
210. Pearls
211. Etsy
212. Non-profits that actually do meaningful work
213. Daniel Quinn
214. Warm-toned lighting
215. Fedoras
216. Photo booths
217. Eat Pray Love
218. Greeting cards
219. Teapots
220. Fresh laundry from Victoria and Macy
221. Warm pajamas straight from the dryer
222. Remembered dreams, however lame they are
223. le iPhone
224. End of Ze World (the hilarious video that’s still hilarious)
225. Having secrets
226. Geometric art (Did I already say that one?)
227. Hearing music from past family road trips
228. Great english teachers who inspire me to be a great english teacher someday
229. The way you challenge everything about me
230. That sweet, fuzzy feeling I get looking at wedding photography
231. The music in 500 Days of Summer
232. Meeting people with similar taste in music
233. Having a place to play my violin
234. Coral (the color)
235. Overusing sayings/words
236. Referencing obscure videos/movies/writing that no one ever recognizes
237. Doodling dandelions
238. Writing “thank you” cards
239. Seeking intrinsic values
240. Listeners
241. Valuable wisdom to share
242. The way we learn and grow
243. Vulnerability
244. Those moments. You know the ones. The the ones you replay over and over again when things get tough. The ones that remind you what’s important. The ones you hold close and recall late at night when you can’t get to sleep. The ones that shape you as a human being. Maybe you consider them defining moments; when you accomplished something spectacular or something dramatically changed in your life in the most wonderful of ways. Maybe they’re simply the moments when you felt most at peace with yourself and the world; sitting across the table, sipping a cup of tea sharing meaningful conversations.
Those moments.


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday (The eXtreme version)

  1. stphn plc says:

    damn. increible (no se me olvidó la b (do spanish letters have genders?)).

    also, I had to stop at number 157 to take a chemistry exam, but I finished quickly and resumed reading.

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