Coming to Conclusions

My post this evening is somewhat in response to Julia’s post this evening. Sending it back your way, I suppose. Really, I wrote this in the comment section of the post but decided I wanted it to be my post instead. I know she’ll see it here. I’m not too worried.

In Response to “to Connect-to Be” by Julia Moen

This is spectacular. After all my work reading and writing about care ethics last semester, I really do believe that it is, in fact, caring that’s an essential part of what makes us human. Regardless of whether we created it or it was given to us, if we make meaning for ourselves or if it’s predetermined, if we’re working towards an end with hope for better, worse, or nothing at all, we’re human beings, right now, at this moment, attempting to coexist despite our differences on the most fundamental ideas and beliefs about meaning, faith, life, death, religion, God, existence, and purpose. And that fact is enough to lead me to believe that if I don’t know anything at all, I choose to believe in love. I choose to believe that humanity at its core is instilled with this notion of caring and it’s that very caring that is a product of love, a love that we seek to define and discover, a love that is intrinsically valuable.

Oh, and this is spectacular.

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